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        About Us

        Brand website marketing and planning...


        Established in 2003, Shandong Hongmei Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design and construction integration services of museums, history museums, enterprise culture exhibition halls, warning education centers, planning centers, science and technology museums and various exhibition projects. With more than ten years of experience, Hongmei has an experienced, confident and responsible creative team, focusing on serving the public security organs, government agencies, enterprises and undertakings Units and other high-end quality customers, involving many well-known brands inside and outside the province.
        The unique planning and design, broad vision, constantly inject vitality for Hongmei; the first-class modern information platform and extensive social resources provide strong support for Hongmei. The company's employees are engaged in the exhibition space and brand planning and design industry for many years of high-end professionals, with rich implementation experience. We will create a one-stop integrated design service platform for customers in different industries and fields to provide personalized, first-class and most valuable service solutions!
        As a professional space exhibition and brand promotion agency, Hongmei believes that it is our responsibility to help customers create unique images and promote their long-term strategic growth. With years of professional accumulation and business experience, we have formed a set of perfect customer service system
        Based on the market and customer demand, we are committed to the in-depth research and prediction of professional fields, and make comprehensive and integrated cultural construction under the guidance of strategies.
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